Trust, service, honesty and experience.  These qualities are critical to our approach and our success.  Founded in 2017, DIBA Corp. is a mission-driven firm that has built its reputation and portfolio around client-service, relationships, and core values.  Commitment to these principles has enabled us to grow steadily and organically while establishing relationships with clients both in the private and government sectors.  Our depth of experience, skill sets, local area knowledge, and community bonds truly differentiates DIBA within our industry, and ensures that our clients begin their journey with a uniquely strong partner to help navigate the uncertainties, challenges, and rewards of building and managing their goals. 

Client Service

Beginning with our initial client meeting, our focus centers on listening and asking questions so as to discern our clients’ needs, wishes, and goals.  Understanding our clients creates the framework for a successful project, and few firms emphasize this approach as consistently and successfully as DIBA.  From scoping and conceptualizing to cost-estimating and construction execution every aspect of our service revolves around the adding value through service, respect, trust and transparency.  Upon any contract signing, we ensure all of our clients are provided with access to their own dedicated portal for viewing and accessing calendars, schedules, suppliers, and drawings to maintain full transparency during a project.


Community building is a fundamental component of our approach.  A successful remodel or build requires stakeholders to be coordinated, motivated, and led with a singular goal of completing a quality project on time and on budget.  With deep roots and a singular reputation in the local building community, DIBA successfully leverages our long-standing relationships with our core subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, designers, and regulatory agencies to deliver transformational projects with minimum hassle, uncertainty, and risk.  DIBA’s strength and purchasing power as an industry leader means that our clients are the number one priority of our suppliers, architects, and subcontractors.


Core Values

Passion for Building

We appreciate and celebrate the development and improvement of homes or buildings – and also the difference they make in the lives of our clients.


We believe in the construction industry and value the professionals that contribute to its growth and evolution.  We are proud members of BC Housing and understand the importance of building science, financial management, building codes, municipality guidelines, project management and supervision. 

Quality Standards

It’s our business to deliver the highest quality product to our clients. We define quality by identifying our clients’ unique needs and developing long-lasting, customized construction solutions that exceed their expectations.


We firmly believe in proactively educating our employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients about efficient design, materials, construction costs, and building practices. Our shared goal of quality demands strong collaboration in learning.


Through experience, extensive research, and information sharing, Impact stays at the forefront of innovation, offering broad solutions to each unique build.


We help clients to understand the financial benefits that can be accrued by smart, efficient design and planning.  We believe that the best projects are often the ones that generate an emotional response AND maximize return on investment.