Regardless of where DIBA joins you along your project journey, we alway insure our due diligence by following the process.

1. Consultation

With DIBA , our process begins with a site visit to review your project and learn about your goals. The more we understand your needs, the more effectively we will be in helping to tailor our services to your unique needs. Our job at this phase is to build confidence as a potential partner to help ensure that the process begins thoughtfully and efficiently. We’ll be on the look-out for any foreseeable issues, like electrical, structural, plumbing or zoning concerns. Our site visit takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending upon the complexity of the project. If our approach is design build, we will provide you with a design fee and a conceptual scope of work and preliminary cost estimate. If we are bidding as a General Contractor, we will provide a firm price based on previously developed plans and the scope of our services.

2. Planning

Acting as your partner, once our estimate is approved, we begin the planning process. DIBA will work to match your project needs with your budget. In this phase, we research and select materials and get in contact with contractors as well as suppliers. At each phase of the design process, DIBA is providing real-time cost estimating to ensure that the plan we produce aligns with the pre-established budget goals in an efficient manner. We expedite the process by creating a detailed design calendar in which tasks, responsible parties and projected milestones are outlined. As a General Contractor, we will work closely with any existing contractors or consultants and assist them with pricing revisions, value engineering, and permitting needs.

3. Pre-Work and Permitting

Once the planning phase is complete and we sign a contract with our client, we will pull permits and begin the pre-work planning. We will create your project’s own daily reporting sheet which will be shared with you for tracking progress and completion of tasks. The portal will include a detailed construction calendar along with key milestones and selection deadlines. We’ll introduce you to our vendor network so that they can assist you with selecting and purchasing any fixtures and finishes. At this time we’re also coordinating with the local building agencies as your permit undergoes review. Importantly, we align our production schedule so as to accommodate a construction start within 2 weeks of permit release.

4. Construction

During construction, our project manager will be the coordinator of all employees, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and inspectors—all with the goal of executing a professional, clean, quality, and timely build. The project manager will serve as your point person during the construction phase. You’ll be briefed daily with documented, shared notes on our progress and will hold weekly meetings to review progress.

5. Warranty

When our crew has finished work, we turn our attention to thoroughly cleaning the project site. We remove any large debris, sweep, dust and mop to remove any of our work. Leaving a positive impression is paramount to DIBA. We provide our clients with a warranty binder upon completion and schedule periodic site visits and phone check ups to address any unforeseen issues that may arise. We believe in long lasting, honest and caring relationships with all our clients and we believe in making ourselves available even after completion of projects.