Squamish Commercial Building Development

DIBA is the current general contractor for this commercial development comprising a two-story building with a total floor area of 24,550 SF including a 753 SF residential unit. 38931 Queens Way will be the most energy efficient commercial building in the District of Squamish with Step 3 BC Energy Code certification.

The Site has high visibility from Queens Way which will be suitable for a development of a pedestrian and bike-oriented facility while creating an inviting and attractive streetscape. This development will provide services within the neighborhood including restaurants, dance and yoga studios and multiple retail units.

The building is designed with a simple form, dictated by setbacks and site limitations. It will maintain a simple form with one type of alucobond cladding which is durable and significantly reduces maintenance for the life of the building.
Various forms of glazing with contrasting black canopies are proposed to provide weather protection for pedestrians and further enhance the building character. All facades are treated with similar quality materials and architectural detailing.